If you are a slot games fan, you will cannot ignore Blazing Bull. A fascinating game, engaging with a completely different game to the traditional Slot game. Let’s learn about this game in the article below.


Blazing Bull - The interesting online slot game

As a game of the slot game series, it can be said that this is a series of games that are popular with online betting players. Present in the world since the 16th century, to serve the nobility, later slot games became more and more popular in casinos. 

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Over the years developing slot games existed in the form of slot machines, to play you need to put coins in the machine. However, due to the high social demand for convenience and ease, the actual slot machine has been changed from the dealer to the online slot machine.

Due to the use of the online platform, the Slot games are also becoming more diverse, so far there are more than 10,000 titles with many different content.

In which Blazing Bull a slot game has just been released by Kalamba Games in December 2019, creating a big buzz, when it comes to playing a new and different slot game.

It's a familiar grid design, but instead of just combining rows and cells, this game counts by lines and lines. With a combination of 6 reels, 4 lines and 4096 winning ways, Blazing Bull marks a new era for the online slot market.

The game features the wrath of wild animals against humans in order to protect their forests and habitats. Besides, this game is adding many new functions such as accumulating free spins, x2 wild, x3 wild. This gives the player an opportunity to win and save a small amount of bet money.

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How to play Blazing Bull?

When entering the game you will notice the familiar design of the slot game, including rows, columns and cells. Each box contains an arbitrary symbol, with Blazing Bull the symbols are more diverse including letters, animals, gold coins, silver coins, wild, x2 wild and x3 wild. Wild is a free symbol which has the right to replace all other symbols to become a winning combination but cannot replace x2 Wild and x3 Wild. Like x2 Wild, x3 Wild are also free symbols, and cannot replace other wild symbols.

The mode accumulates free spins, and the player receives a continuous spin that is limited to 1 minute when not playing in the basic mode. In this spin, if appearing from 2 or more silver symbols, the player receives a free spin with 2 x2 Wild symbols. If there are 3 or more gold coin bonus symbols in the spin, the player receives 1 free turn with 3 x3 Wild symbols.


The more the basic turn is, the more likely it is that you will receive a free turn, but the number of turns received is also limited. Specifically, receive a silver prize limited to 20 free spins, get a Gold reward limited to 15 times for free. Exceeding the number of systems will not accumulate anymore.

After completing the free turn, people need to switch to the main mode with the official deposit. With free spins the player has the right to use the Wild symbols to increase the chance of winning, or can be used to spin without having to pay a deposit.

About the lowest deposit of $0.6 and the highest $600, players can change the amount freely via the stacked coin icon at the bottom of the screen. In addition, like other Slot games, this game also has an automatic mode to help players save time.



Regarding the design of the game, quite impressive and well-groomed about everything, the icons are quite sharp, especially beasts with angry shapes with burning eyes. Create a very attractive feeling when playing, the title bars and toolbars are arranged very neatly at the top and bottom of the game screen.

Review the game friendly with new players because there are very specific instructions and easy to understand. Players can fully grasp all the rules and how to play after a few attempts.

The feature of accumulating free spins is the greatest plus point of the game. The player has an additional chance of winning and saving certain bets.

Thus, the above article has just brought you brand information as well as instructions on how to play the Blazing Bull game, we hope the article will be helpful for you during the game. Hopefully, this rookie will become one of your favorite games. What are you waiting for, let's enjoy it!